About My Services...

Anyone can offer a 'listening ear.' It is not enough to listen, nod, smile and ask "How does that make you feel?"! As a seasoned social worker, I provide mental and behavioral health treatment. People are struggling, searching for real help and need viable options and ideas.
In individual treatment, I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy as a means of helping clients discover their own answers. I believe in working beside you, meeting you where you are, challenging you at times and encouraging you every step of your way!
I have creative and innovative ideas to help couples who are frustrated and perhaps have lost trust and respect. Every age is welcome! Often treatment for younger children really means talking with and guiding parents. Family therapy is a very dynamic modality and can be helpful once individual needs have been addressed.

Each person and situation is unique and I will honor your process and celebrate with you as you make changes and gains!

Wendy E. McCarthy, LISW

Individuals, Families, Couples , Teens & Children

Service Area

All of Ohio

Services Offered

Behavioral Health
Mental Health
Family Counseling
Couples Counseling
Individual Counseling
Private Therapy
Virtual Therapy

Specialty Areas

Anger Management
Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Career Counseling
College Adjustment
Family Communication
Geriatric Issues
Grief and Loss
LGBTQ Issues
Life Transition Issues
Marital and Family Problems
Midlife Issues
Neurodivergent Disorder
Physical Health Issues

School Adjustment
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Sleep Problems
Social Anxiety
Stress and Related Disorders
Women's Issues
Work Related Difficulties

Virtual Care Throughout Ohio 

Virtual care, also known as telehealth or telemental health, is a safe, healthy way to conduct a session when meeting face to face is either not allowed or not conducive to client needs.  Sessions are offered via a HIPAA compliant platform.  Clients are still challenged with visual, "eyes-on" activities just as we would if we were meeting in person. 

Fees and Payment

I have chosen to conduct therapy without signing contracts with health insurance providers.
Clients pay for their care in full at each session.
Accepted forms of payment are Zelle (preferred), Venmo, paper check or money order (PO Box 33 Marblehead OH 43440). 

Cost is not the only factor to consider when choosing a therapist.
Selecting an “out of network” therapist allows you to:
⁃ have a therapist with an approach you prefer.
⁃ protect mental health information about you.
⁃ work with a provider who has been recommended to you
by someone you trust such as a friend or your doctor.

Telehealth care costs as of June 1, 2023:
$150 first session for 60 minutes
$120 subsequent sessions for minimum 50 minutes

Kindly give 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment.
In most instances, a partial session fee will be charged for sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice.
Thank you.